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Satin Wine Blouse

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Cross Thread Silk Fully Stitched Blouse

Fabric : Satin

Color : Wine

Stitching Type : Fully Stitched

Cups Type: Padded

Sleeves: Sleeve less

Neckline :  Board arrow neck 

Wash care: Normal Wash

Note : Actual product colour may vary due to brightness and camera quality of different devices.


The satin weave creates a fabric that is shiny, soft, and elastic with a beautiful drape. Satin fabric is characterized by a soft, lustrous surface on one side, with a duller surface on the other side. This is a result of the satin weaving technique, and there are many variations on what defines a satin weave

A satin weave is a type of fabric weave that produces a characteristically glossy, smooth or lustrous material, typically with a glossy top surface and a dull back. It is one of three fundamental types of textile weaves alongside plain weave and twill weave.

The satin weave is characterised by four or more fill or weft yarns floating over a warp yarn, and four warp yarns floating over a single weft yarn. Floats are missed interfacings, for example where the warp yarn lies on top of the weft in a warp-faced satin. These floats explain the high luster and even sheen, as unlike in other weaves, light is not scattered as much when hitting the fibres, resulting in a stronger reflection. Satin is usually a warp-faced weaving technique in which warp yarns are "floated" over weft yarns, although there are also weft-faced satins. If a fabric is formed with a satin weave using filament fibres such as silk, polyester or nylon, the corresponding fabric is termed a 'satin'

Customer Reviews

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Partha Dutta
Nice blouse

Somewhere is loose to me but the meterial and cutting is good

Rashmi Chandra

Totally satisfied 😊😊

Satin Wine Blouse
Satin Wine Blouse Sale priceRs. 1,420.00 Regular priceRs. 2,272.00