Red Pearl EaringsRed Pearl Earings
Sold out

Red Pearl Earings

Rs. 750
Pink JhumkaPink Jhumka
Sold out

Pink Jhumka

Rs. 400
White Finish EaringsWhite Finish Earings
Sold out

White Finish Earings

Rs. 400
Cream Beads EaringsCream Beads Earings
Sold out

Cream Beads Earings

Rs. 500
White Pearled JhumkaWhite Pearled Jhumka
Sold out

White Pearled Jhumka

Rs. 350
Zevar NecklaceZevar Necklace

Zevar Necklace

Rs. 850
Gem NecklaceGem Necklace
On sale

Gem Necklace

Rs. 1,750 Rs. 2,500
Handmade clutchHandmade clutch

Handmade clutch

Rs. 3,000
Navratna BanglesNavratna Bangles

Navratna Bangles

Rs. 3,500
Inaya NecklaceInaya Necklace
Sold out

Inaya Necklace

Rs. 1,850
Stone Wings EaringsStone Wings Earings

Stone Wings Earings

Rs. 250
Jhalak NecklaceJhalak Necklace
Sold out

Jhalak Necklace

Rs. 500
Damini NeklaceDamini Neklace

Damini Neklace

Rs. 1,550
White Pearl NecklaceWhite Pearl Necklace
Sold out

White Pearl Necklace

Rs. 850 Rs. 1,500
Maharaani RingMaharaani Ring
Sold out

Maharaani Ring

Rs. 650
White Stone RingWhite Stone Ring

White Stone Ring

Rs. 750
Pendant With EarringsPendant With Earrings

Pendant With Earrings

Rs. 2,250
Nose RingNose Ring

Nose Ring

Rs. 1,500
Kundan Polki NecklaceKundan Polki Necklace

Kundan Polki Necklace

Rs. 5,500
Mundari NecklaceMundari Necklace
On sale

Mundari Necklace

Rs. 5,500 Rs. 15,000
Treasure NecklaceTreasure Necklace
On sale

Treasure Necklace

Rs. 9,700 Rs. 19,000

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